Four Habits for Happiness


Four Habits for Happiness

Tools: Adobe Illustrator

Time in development: 4 hours

My role: graphic design, development

Client: HappyAtWork (fictional company)

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Context: The marketing firm noticed that their employees were feeling stressed due to the high-pressure nature of their work. The firm recognized the importance of prioritizing employee well-being to improve overall productivity and job satisfaction.

Challenges: The firm needed practical ways to improve employee well-being that could be easily implemented into their work routine. 

Solutions: This infographic introduces the "Four Habits for Happiness" tips into the workplace culture. This document can be shared and displayed easily at employees' desks or other common areas of building.

Results: By introducing these tips in combination with other measures into their workplace culture, the marketing firm saw an increase in employee well-being and job satisfaction. Employees reported feeling less stressed and more positive about their work environment.